What is a Resource Concern?

A Resource Concern is defined as an expected degradation of the soil, water, air, plant, or animal resource base to an extent the sustainability or intended use of the resource is impaired. Because NRCS quantifies or describes resource concerns as part of a comprehensive conservation planning process that includes client objectives, human and energy resources are considered components of the resource base.

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Soil Erosion

  • Classic or Ephemeral Gully Erosion
  • Sheet and Rill Erosion
  • Streambank or Shoreline Erosion
  • Wind Erosion

Soil Quality Degradation

  • Compaction
  • Concentration of Salts or Other Chemicals
  • Organic Matter Depletion

Water Quantity

  • Runoff, Flooding, or Ponding
  • Seasonal High Water Table
  • Seeps
  • Inefficient Use of Irrigation Water

Water Quality

  • Elevated Water Temperature
  • Excess Chemicals, Manure, or Bio-Solids in Ground or Surface Water
  • Excess Sediment in Surface Water
  • Nutrients in Ground or Surface Water
  • Pesticides in Ground or Surface Water
  • Salts in Ground or Surface Water

Degraded Plant Condition

  • Excessive Plant Pressure
  • Inadequate Structure and Composition
  • Undesirable Plant Health and Productivity
  • Wildfire Hazard, Excessive Biomass Accumulation

Inefficient Energy Use

  • Equipment and Facilities
  • Farming/Ranching Practices and Field Operations

Inadequate Habitat for Fish and Wildlife

  • Habitat Degradation

Livestock Production Limitation

  • Feed and Forage Imbalance
  • Inadequate Livestock Shelter
  • Inaddquate Livestock Water Quantity, Quality, and Distribution

Air Quality Impacts

  • Emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
  • Emissions of Particulate Matter (PM) and PM Precursors
  • Objectionable Odors
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