Optimizing energy usage on your operation can help you save money and more efficiently manage your operation while also protecting the soil and water resources on your land. Ways to optimize energy usage include maintaining farm equipment, improving insulation in facilities, and avoiding taking unnecessary trips across farm land.

Energy Resource Concerns

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Inefficient Energy Use

Energy Efficiency of Equipment & Facilities

Inefficient energy use occurs whenever equipment operates more than needed, is less efficient than currently available technology, poorly controlled, or improperly maintained. Unimproved facilities, such as agricultural buildings that are heated or cooled, contribute to inefficient energy use when not adequately sealed and insulated.

Energy Efficiency of Farming/Ranching Practices & Field Operations

Inefficient energy use occurs whenever machinery operates more than needed. Inefficient energy use also occurs when field operations are poorly controlled such as excessive number and inefficiency of passes by field equipment, and excessive field inputs are required.

South Dakota Department of Agriculture
South Dakota Department of Agriculture