When the early settlers moved west into South Dakota, the found very few trees. Trees are a vital part of the prairie landscape, as well as a renewable resources in our state. In fact, there are several types of forests in South Dakota.


South Dakotans rely on the land to survive. Agriculture is a $17 billion business in the state. About 16.5 million acres or 37% of the land resource is classified as cropland


Grasslands are one of South Dakota’s greatest natural resources, as they are the base of a food chain that supports hundreds of species of wildlife as well as livestock. Grasses make their own food and energy, making them a renewable resource when managed properly.

Plant Concerns

Degraded Plant Condition

  • Excessive Plant Pressure
  • Inadequate Structure and Composition
  • Undesirable Plant Health and Productivity
  • Wildfire Hazard, Excessive Biomass Accumulation
South Dakota Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service