Water has many uses ranging from drinking to fishing to swimming to irrigation to wildlife habitat to livestock watering. Not only must the water be good enough to meet these purposes, but there must also be enough of it. Our choices affect our water quality. We must choose to use best management practices that enhance our water such as grazing systems, conservation tillage, streambank stabilization, grassed waterways, tree plantings, terraces, strip cropping, nutrient management systems, etc.

Water Concerns

Water Quantity

  • Runoff, Flooding, or Ponding
  • Seasonal High Water Table
  • Seeps
  • Inefficient Use of Irrigation Water

Water Quality

  • Elevated Water Temperature
  • Excess Chemicals, Manure, or Bio-Solids in Ground or Surface Water
  • Excess Sediment in Surface Water
  • Nutrients in Ground or Surface Water
  • Pesticides in Ground or Surface Water
  • Salts in Ground or Surface Water
South Dakota Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service